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Shoulder Conditions

There are over fifteen muscles that contribute to the movement of each shoulder. Five of their tendons pass through a small area on the tip of the shoulder itself.

Shoulder problems can be quite slow to heal. We use are shoulders so often that it’s so easy to irritate the injury. And stress, posture and emotions can also be influencing factors.

Shoulder problems are often a cause of either long-term postural problems or begin after a particular injury.

Postural Problems

Nowadays many of us have jobs that involve sitting for a long time behind a computer, and even our children’s playtime is following the same pattern. This trend has contributed massively to the amount of spinal problems that we see.

Quite often the problem has been slowly building up year-after-year before it comes to a point where it is unbearable.

Patients frequently experience an aching or burning sensation across one or both shoulders. Sometimes this sensation spreads down between the shoulder blades, or to the arms or to the head.

This type of problem responds very well to Chiropractic care. However, more importantly, it is preventable. If you feel that you or a friend are at risk, consider a consultation with one of our Chiropractors.

Shoulder Injury

The shoulder is quite a complicated region. It’s also a lot more delicate than we may expect. Bad sleeping posture can sometimes be as traumatic as a sudden sports injury.

For many patients, the most frustrating aspect is the limitation of normal activities. Sports ability is often affected and simple things, like lifting a small child or gardening, can suddenly become a challenge.

At our clinic our treatment is aimed at:

  • Pain relief from the site of injury
  • Pain relief from strain that arises as a side-effect of original injury
  • Prevention of further problems arising
  • Modifying activity to allow healing
  • Keeping you as active as possible while avoiding further injury

The first step is to establish an accurate diagnosis and agree on a treatment plan that is suitable for a particular patient.

The first visit with your Chiropractor will involve a discussion of your condition and your life-style. This will be followed by an in-depth examination.

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