The traditional Chiropractic Adjustments are central to our treatment.

We combine this with other modern techniques such as Trigger-Point Therapy, Kinesio-taping and Myofascial Release techniques.

Chiropractic Adjustments

A Chiropractic Adjustment is a specific manipulation with the goal of restoring motion to a particular joint segment. The chiropractor will check the patient to establish which specific areas of the spine and/or other parts of the body are restricted.

The chiropractic adjustment involves the chiropractor’s hands making a low-force manual manoeuvre in the direction of the joint thereby restoring proper mobility.

This treatment is one of the safest and most efficient manners of treating pain of musculoskeletal origin.

Follow this link for more information regarding chiropractic adjustments.

Other Techniques

For individual patients, the chiropractic adjustments may be supplemented or substituted by other techniques.

Some treatment will give immediate pain relief and functional improvement, however a proper treatment plan is required to deliver long-term results.

Our Goal

We aim to match the treatment techniques to the needs and preferences of the individual patient.

Treatment will be explained, and consent obtained, before a specific type of treatment is performed.

Whilst many of the treatment methods are pain-free, some do carry mild side-effects. Your Chiropractor will explain what to expect.

Please feel free to ask your Chiropractor any further questions regarding your treatment.

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