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Costs & Insurance


Initial Examination and Diagnosis: €75

Treatment Session: €60

Payment can be made by cash or with most debit and credit cards.

Insurance Reimbursement

It is necessary to pay at the clinic for the treatment then claim the money back from your insurance company. Please check with your insurance provider the level of deductibles, percentage reimbursements or co-payments. The following information is meant to give an overview but Brussels Chiropractic is not responsible for any inaccuracies or changes in the details.

Belgian Mutualities Basic Package

The basic package from the Belgian insurance companies typically reimburse €10 – €12.50 for up to five visits per year, although this may vary.

Medicalia Package

This is an additional package from Partenamut and some other Belgian Mutualities. For a small monthly cost, it covers 75% of costs up to €600 per year. However there is a six month waiting period from the moment you begin the insurance to when you can claim.

Private Complimentary Insurance and International Insurance

Extra insurance provided by some companies can reimburse a higher amount of the cost. Please check your policy for details.

JSIS/European Institutions Insurance

To make a claim you will need to have a prescription from a General Practitioner. If you need a recommendation for a doctor you can ask our staff.

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