Kinesio Taping

Kinesio Tape is the colourful tape that you may have seen athletes on television wearing.

This elastic, hypo-allergenic tape is not only capable of stimulating enhanced athletic performance but has a variety of other uses.

At Chiropractic Center Brussels, all of our Chiropractors have followed Official Kinesio Taping seminars.

Most frequent uses of the Kinesio Tape

  • Postural Re-training: The muscles are stimulated to either work a little harder or relax a little more, encouraging better sitting, standing and working postures.
  • Acute Pain: The tape is applied to reduce irritation by stimulating the muscles to provide stability and avoid painful joint movements.

While the tape is applied, sometimes you are aware of it as it acts as a gentle reminder of how to sit or move. Very often, you completely forget it is there but your posture and movement are affected subconsciously.

Lesser know uses of Kinesio Tape

  • Lymph Drainage for patients with circulation disorders, eg. post-operative cancer patients
  • Reduction for Bruising due to Sports Injuries or Accident

Whilst these conditions are not our usual domain of treatment, we are happy to instruct patients, carers or other health care providers in this technique of treatment.

Things to remember

  • The tape should not feel annoying
  • The tape is hypo-allergenic but a minority of patients may experience skin irritation
  • Normally the tape can stay for three to five days
  • You can wash, bath, swim etc.
  • By careful with dressing and undressing
  • Due to natural skin oil of some people, the tape may have difficulty to stick
  • For men with a lot of body hair we may need to shave the area

If the tape is applied in a manner to stimulate muscle activity

  • The muscle may ache a little, like after a gym session
  • Sometimes it’s best to begin with wearing the tape only for a few hours at a time. Your Chiropractor will advise.

If you are in any doubt, simply remove the tape and discuss with your Chiropractor at the next appointment.

Removal of the tape

  • Usually painless
  • Sometimes easier when wet
  • Pull from above to below in the direction of body hair
  • Removal is even easier if you rub a little oil on the tape

For more information

Official Kinesio Tape Website

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