The First Appointment

The purpose of the first appointment is to establish a diagnosis. We will begin with a lot of questions and then follow with a thorough examination. This information is necessary to get a good picture of why the problem has occurred, how we can fix it, and how we prevent a recurrence.

If the pain is very recent then we will ascertain what treatment we can safely perform to reduce the pain as soon as possible. If it is an older problem, we will spend our time investigating not only the source of the pain but the cause of the problem.

The Second Appointment

At the second appointment you will get the results of the examination of the first day. Your chiropractor will describe in detail what the problem is and what we can do about it. Sometimes it is necessary to discuss referral to a medical doctor or surgeon but in the majority of cases patients are treated at our clinic.

At this point a Treatment Plan will be proposed and the necessary treatment will be described. When everything has been properly explained then the treatment can begin.