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Headaches and Migraine are one of the most frequent reasons why patients consult a medical practitioner. Studies show that 15% of people suffer from migraine and 80% from recurrent tension-type headaches.

Since headaches are so common, many people have learned to live with the problem. At Brussels Chiropractic our experience has shown that this does not need to be the case.

There are no miracle cures, but many patients experience dramatic relief from problems that have plaqued them for years or even decades.

It is important to recognise factors that trigger onset of headaches and migraine, such as stress, hormones, weather conditions and particular food-stuffs.

However at our clinic we look, not only at the triggers, but also at the source of the problem. Thus can we establish an accurate diagnosis and an effective treatment plan.

The first visit with your Chiropractor will involve a discussion of your condition and your life-style. This will be followed by an in-depth examination.

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