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Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries can be most frustrating because they quite often prevent us from doing what we most want to do.

While occasional knocks and bruises are very common, injuries that last more that one week are not to be ignored.

At Brussels Chiropractic our goal is always to help you achieve your maximum capacity.

Our Chiropractors are both keen amateur sportspeople and our sports are very important to us. Believe us when we say that we never want to tell you to stop doing what you enjoy.

If it is necessary for you to take a break from activities then the aim is always to get you back in action as soon as safely possible.

Alongside traditional Chiropractic Adjustments our Chiropractors us modern techniques such as Kinesio-taping and Functional Rehabilitation Training to get you into top shape.

The first visit with your Chiropractor will involve a discussion of your condition and your personal goals. This information, together with an in-depth examination, will determine what treatment plan will help you achieve your optimal performance.

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