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Hip Conditions


Many patients who visit us for hip problems are elderly patients suffering from osteo-arthritis. This is a common complaint, and while the aging process is not reversible much can be done to mobilise the hips, relax tight muscles and improve low back function. This often leads to a decrease in pain and improvement in quality of life due to increased activity levels.

Younger Patients

However many hip problems begin much earlier in life. Hip problems are very common in young children and can lead to dysfunctions with crawling and walking which can give further problems later in life.

Postural Problems

The modern trend of sitting for office work leads to shortened muscles at the front of the hips and weakened muscles in the buttocks. Tightness in the hip can lead to strain on the back. Hip instability leads to damaging torsion of the knee.

Sports Injuries

Traumatic hip complaints are also quite common, sometimes seemingly minor sports injuries become chronic complaints. As a general rule, if pain due to sports lasts more than a week then it has the potential to be a significant problem.

Further Inquiries

If you are suffering from hip problems or have any concerns about the influence of your hips on your general health feel free to contact us for a consultation and screening.

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