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Occupational Injuries

Work Injuries are very common. Sometimes the cause of injury is obvious due to accident or wear and tear due to heavy work. Other times injuries can slowly develop over time. Office work can often lead to Postural Dysfunctions or Repetitive Strain Disorder.

Whatever the reason, occupational injury can be very distressing because of the need to maintain an income and progress in your career.

At Brussels Chiropractic we aim to keep sick days to a minimum. Our goal is not only to facilitate a speedy recovery but to keep you healthy and productive.

If you are suffering from work-related conditions or if you are concerned that your job is aggravating any injury, feel free to make an appointment by calling 02 808 94 24 or email us at info@brusselschiropractic.be.

Strict confidentiality is maintained with respect to our appointments and records.

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