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Disc Herniation

SAFETY NOTE: Any pain from an unknown cause that spreads from the low back to the legs should be investigated as soon as possible. To book a confidential appointment please call 02 808 94 24 or email us at info@brusselschiropractic.be.

‘ Hernia’ is probably the word most feared by patients. It can sometimes be a serious debilitating condition but not always.

Definition of a Hernia

The discs between the bones of your spine are like sacks of fluid with a heavy outer layer. A hernia occurs when the fluid from the middle of the disc is forced out through a weakened area of the outer layer.

Some Facts about Lumbar Hernias

The bad news first:

  • Acute hernias are most common in younger adults with desk jobs.
  • Hernias can cause severe pain in the spine itself.
  • Inflammation from a hernia can cause nerve problems leading to painful sensation in the leg.
  • Compression from a recovering or recovered hernia can cause nerve compression and a sense of tingling in the leg.
  • The above-mentioned problems can cause loss of sensation and/or strength in the leg.
  • In very rare cases, bowel, bladder and reproductive systems are affected.
  • Hernias can sometimes take many months for recovery.
  • Sometimes chronic problems remain due to the hernia or secondary dysfunctions.

And now the good news:

  • Many other problems have hernia-like symptoms. Pain spreading down the leg is very often from a less severe cause.
  • Hernias are often seen on MRI despite never giving any symptoms at all.
  • Hernias can sometimes be effectively treated without an operation.
  • Modern surgical procedures are much more specific, gentler and effective than years ago.
  • A few pieces of advice can quickly decrease pain and improve function.

Conservative Treatment of Lumbar Hernias

At Brussels Chiropractic, our focus is:

  • An accurate diagnosis
  • Patient education and prognosis
  • Pain reduction as immediate as possible
  • Exercise and advice to maintain function within practical limits
  • Activity modification to minimise the chance of aggravating the initial injury
  • Prevention of secondary disorders
  • Monitoring of neurological signs

Our Chiropractors have trained either directly or with representatives from the World’s leading research and clinical experts including Dr Stuart McGill, Craig Liebensen and Robin McKenzie.

What to do

If you are concerned that you are suffering from a hernia then contact us for a confidential consultation and examination.

Once the diagnosis has been established we will either propose a treatment plan at our clinic or discuss referral options.

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