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Activator and Impulse Adjusting Tools

The Activator and Impulse are mechanical tools that are used to assist in Chiropractic treatment.

Both tools work by applying a short fast impulse at a precise point. Most commonly they are used to facilitate an adjustment of a particular joint. The head of the tool is places against the patient’s skin directly a bone of the restricted joint. The impulse is applied through the skin against the bone, restoring motion to the bone and allowing a reflex muscle relaxation.

This treatment is a gentle alternative to the manual chiropractic adjustment.

The Activator delivers just one impulse at a time. One or several impulses may be delivered. The Impulse tool delivers several impulses in quick succession, in a more percussive manner.

We also use these tools for the treatment of Myofascial Trigger Points, applying the impulse either directly to the middle of the muscle or to the muscle tendon.

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Impulse Adjusting Tool Video

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